In his own words Will tells us about his TRIB3 journey 


I have always been active, weather it be cycling or out walking up a mountain somewhere, but never anything where I was pushing myself to any extreme. I have joined a gym in the past, I found it boring, stuck doing the same circuit and seeing no results, you no how the cliche goes. I never left with my legs in ribbons or my lungs gasping for air! I pretty much ignored the weights section as it appeared you needed to look cool and think you owned the place. I had been trying to loose weight for ages, trying different diets but not introducing any additional exercise.  When I initially saw the advert for Trib3 I wasn't sure if it was for me. My first thought was that you would need to know the exercises being given and the sessions would take me out of my comfort zone and make me feel daft as I wouldn't know what I was meant to be doing.


My first session was at Kelham Island with George, the session was a killer waking up muscles that had laid dormant for far to long. I left feeling sick and I had to stop for a rest on the way home as my legs were in ribbons and my heart was trying to catch up, I only lived 5 minutes away.  


When I started at Trib3 in April 2017 I weighed 13st7pounds, I owned a belly, moobs and had no upper body strength. Initially I was going to attend one session per week, that then grew to two sessions and then to pretty much moving in. The more I saw the results the more I pushed myself. In Resistance I started on 5kg dumbbells but as I completed more sessions I was able to integrate 7.5kg dumbbells into some exercises. As my upper body strength improved I stopped using 5kg all together. I'm now integrating 10kg dumbbells when I can, my upper body has never been so strong.


All coaches encourage you and really want you to hit your targets. I treat it a bit like a competition by trying to beat the coach by trying to do the top speeds on the treadmill for as long as humanly possible and as many reps in Resistance and Intensity, I'm yet to win but it stops me being lazy and makes me push. Treadmill zone has always been my strength so I really like to push myself. If I hear the coach encouraging someone who is on a higher speed I will try and match or beat their speed. If they can do it then I can do it! 


With my fitness improving, loosing fat and gaining strength I decided to add a new challenge by completing a double session. I enjoyed it so much I do these regularly and even do 3 in a row. I would recommended them to anyone, just treat it as one session with a generous rest........for once!


Not only do the sessions improve my fitness but also confidence. 9months ago when I started I would never have considered wearing a vest as I was to self conscience to show off my puny arms, now i'm not bothered about showing a bit of arm pit!


In 9months I have lost a stone and a half, gained strength, motivation and confidence. I'm always trying to encourage friends to sign up and bang on about it all the time. When the normal noise is made about it being hard and they will die I always agree with them. I then follow it up with the more you go the more you improve! 


The sense of achievement at the end of a session is always great, every session is different and every coach has their own style and techniques. 




"It's not about what others can do, it's about what you can do by pushing yourself to reach your goals"