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Core Elements

TRI is a highly intensive group workout (HIIT) designed around three key components




Core Elements

TRI is the benchmark in physical and mental evolution through exertion.

A TRI session consists of 33% high intensity interval training on the treadmills, 33% resistance training on the floor and 33% high intensity floor/functional training. The other 1%? Well, we might let you rest.

You’ll work with dumbbells, medicine balls, resistance bands, kettlebells and good old bodyweight. Choose the class format to suit you, all with music playlists to maximise your workout...and help mask your screams.


Give it your all and we guarantee you’ll burn somewhere between 700-1000 calories. Workout at 75% and you’ll still say goodbye to 300-500 calories. They’re serious figures that deliver one serious figure.

Lower Body

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Upper Body

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Full Body

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